Schedule release:

It seems that lately, UNLV releases their basketball schedule as late as they possibly can. I’ve heard the schedule of teams is basically complete although we are working on one more marquee game.
So, either the home schedule ( T&M) is just so weak that they don’t want people to know and hopefully sell some more season tickets, or they are still trying to schedule some meaningful home & home games. It’s hard not to improve onl last years non conference home schedule. Some leaks of scheduled home games is always fun. I miss those days…..
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Can anyone explain this to me?

I go to MW connection from time to time. They rated Transfer classes and had to say this about us:

"The Bad


This is a difficult group to evaluate. According to 247 Sports, UNLV has the top transfer class in the Mountain West. A big part of that is quantity; the Rebels added 16 players. Three of those players are FCS transfer quarterbacks. I think Holy Cross transfer Matthew Sluka will probably win the job, but the loss of Jayden Maiava was a huge hit to this program. They also lost a number of starters on the defensive side of the ball and were hit really hard in the secondary.

Sure losing our starting QB and second team all MW QB is tough on paper. I can see why superficially that looks like a huge loss, and honestly it could be. But mentioning the secondary as a negative? Sure we lost a lot, but did they see who we have coming in? Many of those departures left because they were recruited over. Brushing off the number 1 transfer class rating as quantity over quality is very lazy. Sure not everyone is going to come in and start in this transfer class, but many are upgrades over what we have now, and would have been upgrades over what we had last season.

D1 Wins Since 1980

(From Super Sports West X)

DI Football Wins Since 1980

329—Fresno St
323—Air Force
271—Boise St
219—Utah St
201—Ore St
191—New Mexico

2023 FB TV Viewership, etc.

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Interesting data - albeit this is only one year's worth. Didn't I read where Liberty would have been the G5 CFP representative had the 12-team setup been in place in 2023? With an average TV viewership of 21,000? 4th worst in the country and well below any of the MW.

Aside from surprising CSU (thanks to their rivalry game with Colorado), the MW's numbers are pedestrian, but not THAT horrible. Well OK Nevada and Utah State were horrible. But 5 MW teams, including UNLV, drew more than ACC-bound SMU. And CSU drew (way) more than 4 of the Pac-12 traitors and by my count 16 other P4 teams. OSU was a surprising 1.74M and WSU was 1.08M.

Looking at 2014 schedules: uw, Stanford, Oregon, Cal (and WSU and OSU) all play Big Sky teams. You guys play Utah Tech from the all over hell FCS conference. The Pac-12 traitors out West also play multiple MW teams as usual. Oregon-BSU, Cal-SDSU, UCLA-Hawaii and Fresno, Stanford-SJSU, FUSC-Utah State.

So who the hell cares and what's the point? Well, in my seemingly fleeting desire for the reverse merger, and after we wash the bitterness out of our mouths, it would make sense for all involved if the traitors replaced their Big Sky games with more PacWest (we'll call it that for this discussion) games. More fan interest and SOS for the traitors, better paydays for the PacWest teams and better SOS. Everybody wins.

There's more but I'll stop here for now.